Posted By: ComplianceGurl, CRCM

BSA E-FILING - 04/16/14 04:51 PM

Is anyone else having problems e-filing? When I try to submit a CTR I keep getting a comment telling me to log-in to BSA e-Filing. Yes, I am logged in. haha! I even logged out and logged back in. I've been on hold with their help desk for 15 minutes..
Posted By: Matt_B

Re: BSA E-FILING - 04/16/14 05:21 PM

I was able to successfully file with no problem. Do you have the ability to try logging in via a different web browser? I often have trouble with the site when using Firefox, but IE cooperates almost all the time.
Posted By: John Burnett

Re: BSA E-FILING - 04/16/14 05:32 PM

Another thing to try: clear your browser cache before logging in. Not guaranteed to work, but it's something that might help.
Posted By: ComplianceGurl, CRCM

Re: BSA E-FILING - 04/16/14 08:33 PM

Thank you!