BSA BOD Training?

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BSA BOD Training? - 11/18/14 10:56 PM

Does anyone have a BSA training for the Board presentation they would be willing to share? I have tweaked the ones I have quite a few times and would like something "fresh".
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Re: BSA BOD Training? - 11/19/14 07:05 PM

I previously used modified versions of the one in the BOL toolbox.
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Re: BSA BOD Training? - 11/19/14 07:50 PM

The one on the Tools page is good for providing a good understanding of the key componenets fo the regulation. I use a more streamlined version of this that goes into less detail about the mechanics of the various report.

From there, I add the following elements:
-A snapshot of our world. Statistics for various filings for the past couple of years. The Board gets this information every month, but seeing it in the context of training adds a slightly different perspective.
-Recent enforcement actions- I highlight one or two big/interesting stories from the past year.
-Trends/current events that may impact our BSA program. This year, we talked about marajuiana legalization, but we also touched on bitcoin and a couple of smaller topics. Basically, I cover the emerging trends that we discuss here in the threads.
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Re: BSA BOD Training? - 11/21/14 04:43 PM

Thank you JacFSB, I appreciate your suggestions, that is what I have been doing, I did however freshen it up with a new design.
I am adding Human Trafficking which I am sure will get the Board involved.