SAR suspicious activity definitions

Posted By: ABT

SAR suspicious activity definitions - 06/09/15 08:37 PM

Is there a resource that defines or provides details for each of the suspicious activity types under Part II items 29 - 38 on the Suspicious Activity Report? I want a clarification on a few of the activity types so that I would be reporting suspicious activity under the appropriate types.
Posted By: Elwood P. Dowd

Re: SAR suspicious activity definitions - 06/09/15 09:31 PM

Go to page 39 of the 7th Issue, SAR Activity Review... It contains the descriptions of the reasons for filing (check boxes) on the legacy SAR. Tied to the old form or not, it's still very helpful in providing a cogent description of many specific types of illegal activity.

The checkboxes on the FinCEN SAR are simply a mishmash. Some terms describe the activity. Some are crimes. Some, some are just words. All of those little boxes and the "check all that apply" instruction neutered their ability to identify trends in the reporting of specific crimes.