Garda CTR - business ID

Posted By: Midwest BSA

Garda CTR - business ID - 02/19/16 05:17 PM

We have a customer who just began using Garda to transport cash to/from our facility. I realize that we have to fill out a second part I on the CTR with Garda's corporate information. I can see them voluntarily giving up most of the information easily, but what about the business ID section (20 - form of ID used to verify identity)? Anyone had any issues with this or any suggestions on how to go about getting it since Garda isn't our customer? Thanks!
Posted By: Daisy Doodle

Re: Garda CTR - business ID - 02/19/16 05:35 PM

Our couriers are all incorporated so we just take the CIP info off the Sec State websites, including the charter number.
Posted By: Midwest BSA

Re: Garda CTR - business ID - 02/19/16 05:47 PM

I was hoping that would be an answer. Thanks.