BSA Department Organization Structure

Posted By: Jessesgirl

BSA Department Organization Structure - 09/08/16 02:11 PM

I'm looking to reorganize my department this next year and would love ideas on how other institutions are organized. My department consists of myself (BSA Officer) and 4 analysts. Of those 4, I have 2 that are considered level 2 analysts and 2 that are considered level 1 analysts.

Here's my best analyst is far and above the others in terms of knowledge and ability, but CANNOT be placed in a supervisory position (such as Assistant BSA Officer), because of their personality (for lack of a better word). The other level 2 analyst would be great in a supervisory role, but does not have the technical knowledge that I need for that position.

So I'm just curious how others are structured...especially those who have creatively structured their department?
Posted By: RockChucker, CAMS

Re: BSA Department Organization Structure - 09/08/16 04:50 PM

Skill level at a particular task does not equate to good leadership/supervisory role as you are well aware.

It sounds like you might need to either hire an additional person for the Assistant BSA Officer role or provide the training for the person you want to fill that position.
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Re: BSA Department Organization Structure - 09/08/16 05:54 PM

If either of those options were viable I would have already gone that route, but all situations are unique, as I have recently been presented with a unique situation. In an effort to keep my question short and sweet I left out most of the details and so maybe I didn't word that question very well...I was really just looking for some ideas on how other BSA departments are structured.
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Re: BSA Department Organization Structure - 09/08/16 06:29 PM

Could you separate the functions a bit more in order to facilitate?

Such as putting the Level 2 Analyst with the supervisory skills in charge of ongoing training and development of your Level 1 analysts (as I assume they were originally Level 1 and know the function); and then put the other Level 2 Analyst with the technical knowledge and lack of supervisory skills in a specialized research role for escalated situations from your Level 1 analysts, as well as constantly reviewing your existing program for deficiencies and then strategizing enhancements?

That way, your Level 2 without the technical knowledge can learn as they're training & developing the others (I've always learned processes and concepts more by having to explain them to others, really makes it stick); and you won't have to worry about your Level 2 without supervisory skills overstepping their boundaries/mishandling other employees (as that's what I'm assuming is the issue is).

Roles could be Supervisor & Specialist related, obviously you could get more technical with the terminology in order to justify the moves & compensation. That's not how my organization is structured but we have less staffing; just a thought that I think may work.
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Re: BSA Department Organization Structure - 09/08/16 08:41 PM

That is very similar to the road I've been considering taking! They are both equally important to me in their roles and I've reached a point where I have to do a better job utilizing their individual strengths while maintaining peace and order in the department! Thank you PrimeTime!!