Duplicate Suppression

Posted By: Victoria S

Duplicate Suppression - 05/07/18 01:20 PM

Received an email(see excerpt below) from Service Desk at Fincen.gov, but I didn't send the following request and have no idea what it means. I've left a message with FinCen with hopes someone contacts me.

"FinCEN received your duplicate suppression request. "

What the heck is this?

Posted By: Daisy Doodle

Re: Duplicate Suppression - 05/07/18 01:25 PM

We are getting them too. Suspect a phish. Will be reporting to FinCen this morning as well as our IT.
Posted By: BuckDog

Re: Duplicate Suppression - 05/07/18 01:30 PM

I also received this email. Geez, as if we don't have enough to deal with.
Posted By: Victoria S

Re: Duplicate Suppression - 05/07/18 01:44 PM