NBFIs - Risk Assessment

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NBFIs - Risk Assessment - 12/27/19 09:46 PM

I am in the process of enhancing our risk assessment. With respect to NBFIs, I have identified the following with the NAICS code:

Investment Banking and Securities Dealing 523110
Securities Brokerage 523120
Commodity Contracts Dealing 523130
Commodity Contracts Brokerage 523140
Credit Card Issuing 522210
Sales Financing 522220
Consumer Lending 522291
Real Estate Credit 522292
International Trade Financing 522293
Direct Life Insurance Carriers 524113
Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers 524126
Direct Title Insurance Carriers 524127
Pawn Shop 522298
Jewelry Store 423940
Jewelry/Gem 448310

Have I left out anything?
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Re: NBFIs - Risk Assessment - 12/30/19 07:25 PM

Casinos are NBFIs if their annual gaming revenue is greater than $1 million. NAICS is 713210. MSBs are also; NAICs is 522390.
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Re: NBFIs - Risk Assessment - 12/30/19 07:52 PM

Thanks Jusin Case. I have separate sections in my RA for these. I appreciate you taking the time to check out the list and respond.