CTR question

Posted By: Craney

CTR question - 09/23/20 05:03 PM

Good afternoon! Debate going on for a customer that bought a cashier's check with $40,000 cash. The fee for the check was $5, but the customer brought in $40,020 cash for the check and the fee, and received the $15 back. So, on the CTR, would you put the cash in as $40,020 or $40,005, and the third entry into this debate would be $40,005 with $15 currency exchange?

Thank you guys for your help!
Posted By: SmallBankBSA

Re: CTR question - 09/23/20 05:19 PM

For me, I would only list the $40,005 as purchase of negotiable instrument
Posted By: BrianC

Re: CTR question - 09/23/20 05:29 PM

Previous threads have beat this scenario to death. Since the purpose of the CTR is to help you locate the transaction if law enforcement ever asks, which dollar amount will be easiest for you to locate based on the cash reports/teller tickets?

File it that way and call it a day. You will not find any written guidance one way or another.
Posted By: Craney

Re: CTR question - 09/23/20 06:21 PM

Thanks guys!! I appreciate it, and that's what I was thinking as well!