Restricted SSN for payroll card CIP

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Restricted SSN for payroll card CIP - 08/30/21 09:55 PM

If a prepaid card applicant fails non-doc verification, we then do documentary verification for CIP. In this particular instance, it is for a staffing company's payroll cards. They provided a restricted SS card with the statement, "Not Valid for Employment." Client services denied the card as it failed our ID Verification and of course the staffing company is very upset insisting that the person passed their e-verification and that we must accept that from them. Technically, they provided the SS card and his permanent resident card as picture ID. The question I have is, are we required to police this when we are only asking for the information for verification of CIP? It meets the requirements of our policy by providing a copy of the documentary verification and we would issue a card otherwise ... but a restricted SS card from a staffing agency has me taking a pause. Anyone else run into this?
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Re: Restricted SSN for payroll card CIP - 08/30/21 10:09 PM

As I read it, your policy requires documentary verification when non-doc fails. In this instance, non-doc failed and two forms of ID for the individual were presented, and both are acceptable by your policy. The "Not Valid for Employment" statement is what non-US citizens are provided for their Social Security card which tracks with the fact that he also provided a permanent resident card. So I'm confused by what you're asking. What do you mean by "are we required to police this?" I've read this question over a bunch of times but I'm having trouble deciphering what the question is.
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Re: Restricted SSN for payroll card CIP - 08/30/21 11:28 PM

The question I have comes in as the application is specifically for a *payroll* card - money cannot be put on it by anyone except and employer. Being as the card is not valid for employment purposes, is this something that we deny the issuance of the payroll card for? Or do we accept the documents purely on the line for CIP and hope we don't get called in on the carpet by people in suits being asked why we issued a payroll card for someone not authorized to have one. Hope that is more clear - thanks!
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Re: Restricted SSN for payroll card CIP - 08/31/21 11:51 AM

If the person has a green card, then likely that SSN card was issued prior to that happening. There are no work restrictions or work visas required for any person that possesses a green card.
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Re: Restricted SSN for payroll card CIP - 08/31/21 03:20 PM

Oh, I see. I was only looking at it through the CIP lens. I'm not able to provide assistance with the payroll card aspect. Sorry!

Looks like Randy gave you your answer. smile
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Re: Restricted SSN for payroll card CIP - 08/31/21 04:29 PM

Thank you Randy - that pointed me in the direction I needed. We will issue the card but I am still curious if he could not provide a green card what our responsibility would be. I guess I'll leave that battle for another day!