SIR Form?

Posted By: SmallBank3

SIR Form? - 08/31/21 04:38 PM

Does anyone have a template for a suspicious incident report to start a SAR investigation off of they would be willing to provide? Trying to avoid reinventing the wheel to save a little time. Thanks in advance!
Posted By: CULady

Re: SIR Form? - 08/31/21 10:50 PM

Ours is called Questionable Member Activity Report or QMAR.

We just ask for name, account number, transactions/interaction date(s), dollar amount involved, and then a freeform area to describe the suspicious activity.

It is an email template that is set up to be emailed to the BSA Team.

We've had great success keeping it simple! But I am very curious to see what others are doing as well.

Posted By: TryingtoComply

Re: SIR Form? - 08/31/21 11:03 PM

Why not use the SAR form as a beginning for your form? I've worked at different banks and in my experience, having boxes to check for the types of suspected activity helps employees do a better job of identifying the activity. The free form section should include instructions for the who, what, when, where and why the employee thinks the activity is suspicious. Information should be presented in chronological order and include any statements made by the customer.