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Posted By: compgal21

CTR Help - 09/30/21 01:14 PM

Customer A made a deposit into Customer B account in the amount of $14,200. Then, Customer A made another deposit into a savings account in the amount of $1,000 where Customer C is the joint account holder. Should Customer C still be listed on the CTR considering Customer A has brought in $15,200 where Customer C is a benefactor of the one of the two transactions that Customer A conducted or would Customer C not be listed on the CTR due to the fact that there was only $1,000 deposited into that account?
Posted By: John Burnett

Re: CTR Help - 09/30/21 01:55 PM

"Benefactor" means someone who provides a benefit to someone else. It is not a word that should be associated with CTR filings.

The persons being reported are either a conductor of the transaction or a person on whose behalf the transaction is conducted ("person on whose behalf" for short).

That said, when a CTR is filed, all persons conducting the transactions in the report and all persons on whose behalf the transactions were conducted are included.

Because the $1,000 deposit is included in the report, you must include C as a person on whose behalf that transaction was conducted. I will assume Customer A is the joint owner of the account with Customer C.

Customer A, boxes 2b and 3 checked, $14,200
Customer A, boxes 2a and 3 checked, $1,000
Customer B, box 2c checked, $14,200
Customer C, box 2c checked, $1,000
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Re: CTR Help - 09/30/21 01:59 PM

Yes - Customer C is the joint account holder on Customer A account. Thanks for your help.