CAMS Certification

Posted By: unknown

CAMS Certification - 10/06/21 12:21 PM

I was wondering if anyone has taken the CAMS Certification Exam recently? If so, would you be willing to share your experience? Any advice on how to study and prepare? Thanks in advance.
Posted By: SteveDave

Re: CAMS Certification - 10/15/21 12:23 PM

I am currently studying myself and a few in my office got theirs in last few months. The flashcards provided I found were not as good. I went through and made a new set of flashcards using the practice test from the last chapter in the book. I suggest that and one person who took it said my flashcards would have been a better study guide. There are also a few free practice tests online that do not seem bad.

I am taking it the first two weeks of Nov so I will let you know how it goes.
Posted By: ColoradoAML

Re: CAMS Certification - 10/15/21 02:11 PM

The flashcards are terrible, but they do highlight information that the test is likely to focus on. I went through them a few times and if I was unclear about the question or answer, often because of the wording, I would go back and re-read the section it quoted. Otherwise I agree with SteveDave that the practice test is a good gauge of your understanding and it was 1-to-1 with my end score. It's too bad there's only the one.