Posted By: KYBanker

CTR - DBA - 01/25/06 09:03 PM

What are the guidelines for use of field 5 Doing Business as (DBA) field for the CTR Form 104? Is this iformation required - if it's on the official document(s), other documents (eg. checks), as recorded in core processor?
Posted By: John Burnett

Re: CTR - DBA - 01/25/06 09:27 PM

If you are aware that the party listed in item 1 uses a fictitious name in business and you know what that name is, put it down in item 5.
Posted By: KYBanker

Re: CTR - DBA - 01/25/06 09:33 PM

Do we think this is a field that's omission warrants filing an amended form?