Third Party Providers

Posted By: Sound Tactic

Third Party Providers - 11/09/06 05:58 PM

Can anyone give suggestions on what risk mitigating process you use to ensure that your third party providers are providing the services you want and in a manner you request?

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Dip

Re: Third Party Providers - 11/09/06 06:14 PM

Is this a BSA question? Sounds to me liek a vendor management question...make sure your contracts include everythign you want your vendor to do and to abide by, review their SAS70 if available, review the work they have done for you, review their financials... yeah?
Posted By: Kelsey D

Re: Third Party Providers - 11/09/06 06:16 PM

Are you referring to third party service providers who perform your CIP?