Business Lines of Credit

Posted By: CRAmgr

Business Lines of Credit - 08/31/12 05:31 PM

Hello. I have a business line of credit(LOC) with no maturity date. Another LOC was approved for a larger dollar amount and it was used to pay off and close the original LOC. Neither has a maturity date. Can I report the full amount of the second LOC or just the increase?
Posted By: CRAatBOK

Re: Business Lines of Credit - 09/12/12 05:47 PM

Have you "reported" (added to your LAR) the first LOC this year? If so then you can delete it and just report the second one. Or, if you want to keep that one on the LAR then you can and report the increase under the new loan number.

If you haven't added the first one to this year's LAR, then you can report the whole amount of the second one.