CRA - Lines of Credit

Posted By: bobo07

CRA - Lines of Credit - 04/07/14 10:00 PM

Hello - im new to this area, so if anyone can please help me out, i would really appreciate it:

- How are lines of credit reported for CRA purposes?
- What amount is the originated loan amount, the total line or the drawn down balance at the time of reporting?
- What do we do with loans that were originated at over $1 million?

Posted By: Kathleen O. Blanchard

Re: CRA - Lines of Credit - 04/07/14 10:31 PM

For lines of credit, use the note amount (the maximum availability). Loans or lines greater than $1MM will not be small business loans. If they wualify, they can be community development loans.
Posted By: bobo07

Re: CRA - Lines of Credit - 04/08/14 04:29 PM

thank you - one more question - for SBA loans, are we supposed to use the total amount including the sold portion or just the Bank's obligation....
Posted By: Len S

Re: CRA - Lines of Credit - 04/08/14 06:19 PM

Report the total amount at origination if it is a 7A loan