Police Athletic League - CRA Donation?

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Police Athletic League - CRA Donation? - 08/22/16 07:25 PM

We have an employee who is trying to get funds for the local PAL chapter. The chapter isn't nearly as active as it used to be, so he is trying to revive the program. PAL is an athletic program for local youth designed to create a relationship with inner city kids and the local police. They have football, basketball, and other sports programs. I don't know at this point if PAL maintains income records of the students who take part in the program, but believe that the majority of these kids would be LMI.

Typically, I stay away from sports sponsorships and the likes. However, if the funds would be used to update fields, scoreboards, stands, etc., this may be an opportunity for CRA credit.

I am wondering if anyone else has a similar scenario and, if so, did you approve the request and get CRA credit for it? The income tracts this would affect are mostly moderate income tracts. The school systems potentially involved are all well over 50% free and reduced lunch.

Thank you for any input!
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Re: Police Athletic League - CRA Donation? - 08/23/16 12:48 PM

Personally I would include it for consideration for credit. I've recently added a similar donation to my files but it hasn't been through an examination yet. Mine was in a community of only low and moderate census tracts and will only benefit kids from that community.
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Re: Police Athletic League - CRA Donation? - 08/23/16 02:16 PM

Since the schools in the area are LMI I would include it. Worst case scenario it gets tossed but you still made a donation to a good cause! To document the donation, I would pull the free/reduced lunch numbers for the area schools. I'm sure the PAL doesn't keep income information on the kids but I would think the school numbers would be sufficient.
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Re: Police Athletic League - CRA Donation? - 08/23/16 02:55 PM

Yes, document the area that the group primarily serves and then the income data that you mentioned here. In most cases, it will be counted.
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Re: Police Athletic League - CRA Donation? - 08/23/16 04:22 PM

Great! Thank you so much for your responses. I really wanted to make this one count.