Medical Pavilion

Posted By: Cat Lover

Medical Pavilion - 03/06/18 02:49 PM

I have a loan to construct a medical pavilion in a low-moderate census area. Would that be qualify under "revitalize or stabilize" a low moderate income geography?
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Re: Medical Pavilion - 03/06/18 03:40 PM

From the CRA: Community Development Loans, Investments, and Services Fact Sheet

Activities that revitalize or stabilize an underserved nonmetropolitan middle-income geography by helping to meet essential community needs, including needs of LMI individuals, include those that support:
• A new or expanded hospital that serves the entire county, including LMI residents.

I would attempt to classify as such.
Posted By: Cat Lover

Re: Medical Pavilion - 03/06/18 04:41 PM

Thank you. Hope it'll fly, in my previous FDIC examination after the prior examiner retired, it was a nightmare.