Tract 9999.99???

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Tract 9999.99??? - 06/15/18 05:59 PM

Small bank just crossed to ISB. I've been on the FFIEC website putting together some info about our AA's. I've thought that one of our counties only had two tracts but according to FFIEC there's a third 9999.99. The numbering isn't sequential with the other two tracts. What's going on?
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Re: Tract 9999.99??? - 06/15/18 06:02 PM

Are you by a body of water? We've got some 99999 census tracts that are Lake Superior so I exclude/discount them altogether.
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Re: Tract 9999.99??? - 06/15/18 06:16 PM

We just acquired this bank and not real familiar with the area. From the map it is an odd lay out... The AA county is in KY and a small bit of MO acutally splits a small section of one of the tracts into....In the Tract Population field the FFIEC has added the 2 tracts together and also a couple of other fields, but then I can't figure out the rest of the fields. Tried using an average.....
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Re: Tract 9999.99??? - 06/15/18 06:24 PM

Went back and reviewed some old emails.....vendor that worked on maps for us had explained earlier....forgive my short memory

The 9999.99 is a summary tract, not a real tract. From a 2007 FFIEC explanation:

"Small Counties With the 2000 Census, all counties are tracted. Small counties with no more than 30,000 inhabitants, for purposes of HMDA, are rolled up to the county level and assigned tract number 9999.99. Thus, in the FFIEC Census File, a small county with 12 census Appendix Page 1 of 5 June 1, 2007 tracts will have 13 tracts with the small county’s MSA/MD-State-County combination: 12 census tracts and one small county tract number 9999.99."

If you look at the population fields and housing fields at FFIEC you will see it has the total of the two actual tracts.