Community Development: Cellular Towers

Posted By: Norman Paperman

Community Development: Cellular Towers - 04/07/20 02:19 PM

Thoughts on trying to include the construction of a cell-phone tower as infastructure benefiting LMI populations in areas adjacent to the tower?

From Q&A
What activities
are considered to ‘‘revitalize or
stabilize’’ an underserved
nonmetropolitan middle-income
geography, and how are those activities

a new or rehabilitated
communications infrastructure, such as
broadband internet service, that serves
the community, including low- and
moderate-income residents

A cell-tower doesn't inherently indicate broadband internet, but it certainly facilitates connectivity.

Would you look to the area served by the tower or would you look at tracts within the immediate area to determine LMI geographies?
Posted By: Compliance NABW

Re: Community Development: Cellular Towers - 04/13/20 05:46 PM

Putting aside health concerns regarding cell towers, which results in some skepticism about being looked at in a positive way for community development, but considering that many LMI people get their internet service via a Smart Phone, I definitely think it is worth a shot to make an analogy with the broadband internet example. I would look at the area served by the tower, as that would include everybody who will primarily benefit from the "rehabilitated communications infrastructure." I use rehabilitated here as it basically should improve/speed-up connectivity, rather than actually bring cell service to that area, unless it truly accomplishes the latter.
Posted By: Pale Rider

Re: Community Development: Cellular Towers - 04/21/20 03:07 PM

Argue it is providing service in rural areas and it is a slam dunk because that is where the prisons and school nurses are....