weak ankles

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weak ankles - 11/05/14 03:27 PM

I need advice on how to strengthen both ankles. They tend to roll even when I walk. Especially in my dress shoes. I generally wear flat dress shoes for that reason, no heels. I started this morning doing the alphabet with each foot. Now my left ankle hurts just from that!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 03:50 PM

Get an exercise band and you can do exercises that will strengthen them. Pull the band toward you and push your foot up, down, to the sides. Adjust the resistance of the band to the direction you are moving your foot.
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 03:52 PM

Well, first I would get fitted for a proper shoe that help to keep your foot in a neutral postion (easy to do with a good running store). Then I would consider really good inserts or orthotics for you everyday shoes (you may need help in getting the right ones). That is to help with right now.
Then I would work on strength. My opinion (for what its worth) is that it needs to be a combo of running (or even walking) and strength training. You can do things as simple as toe raises with lots of reps to weighted calf raises. If you have a machine at a gym that you can do them on, thats great! Jump on it!
If you are going to do this at home, I would do them one legged.
Its pretty simple to do...
You will need a dumbell to hold in one hand (5 lbs to start with is fine), and a 2" thick board or anything about that thick that will remain stable.
Holding the dumbbell in one hand and holding on to a stable anchor (the wall is fine), place the ball of one foot on the platform with your heel on the ground. Now lift your self by puching down with your toes untill you are as high as you can lift, then slowly lower yourself. Do 10 sets of 10 reps with each leg to start with.
Also squats are good and so is jumping rope.
There many others, but that should get you started.
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 04:03 PM

Thank you B and Bankbb1 for the information. I will start incorporating these into my schedule. I have all kinds of exercise equipment at home. I do plan on running soon. I was hoping to strengthen the ankles before I started training.

Thanks again to both of you for the input!
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 04:06 PM

^^^^^^^ Absolutely! Good shoes that are fitted by a pro are a must.

A few years ago, I had a similar situation and it tuned out that I had blown the tendon that runs along the inside of the ankle. (Ex-ballerina, so I've been asking for it!)

Got good ankle supports to wear thru PT and then I re-examined all of my shoe choices. Flats and summer flip-flops were the main culprits, believe it or not.

Hang in there!
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 04:07 PM

Remember that this will take a while, like any other strengthening. Don't overdo your exercises at any one time, and be patient. Ankles are complicated.
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 04:23 PM

The running is what has strengthened my weak ankles. I started small. Run for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds, repeat for 30 minutes. Then increase the interval to 60 seconds, and then gradually increase. Listen to your ankles. Also, for me, the pounds lost has certainly helped take extra strain off of them.
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 04:23 PM

Last year I had strained a tendon that runs to my ankle. To this day just walking on that ankle can be a problem. Next summer I have a chance to be a chaperone(spelling?) for my sons cross country summer high altitude running camp. I would love to be able to run by then without any problems!

Thank you all!
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 04:24 PM

Thanks QCL that is promising.
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 04:26 PM

And do what BBB1 said, make sure you've got good shoes.
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 04:29 PM

I will definitely make sure I have good shoes. I will need to travel over an hour to locate any really good running stores. It will be worth it though!
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 04:41 PM

Yes, it's worth the trip. I don't have much else for you than what's been offered. Good luck!!
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 04:45 PM

Thanks RR!
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 05:05 PM

Definitely take care of it... I have had 2 ankle surgeries in the last 15 years due to this same problem. The last one my MRI results were almost 2 pages long, I was imobile for 5 weeks and in a cast for 4 months. No fun!

My heel wearing days are over for sure... and my husband is 11 inches taller than me! (I get called shorty a lot - and I'm not that short!)
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 05:23 PM

I found that what helped my weak ankles was to break both of them (at separate times, thank goodness!), and have surgery to install metal plates and screws in each one. They are quite strong now. smile

Kidding, kidding, don't go that route!
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 06:05 PM

Wow basilring, I hope I can cure this without any surgery!
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 06:06 PM

Last two times my left ankle rolled, I thought I had broke it!
I will pass #12 on the breaking idea. lol
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 09:12 PM

if you are rolling your ankles with everyday walking, then running is the last place you need to be. i'd suggest a visit to an orthopaedist first to make sure there is not a structural issue involved. They can also advise you on proper exercises you can undertake to strengthen the ankle, may even suggest physical therapy.
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 09:19 PM

This^^^. You may mess it/them up worse self-'medicating'.
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Re: weak ankles - 11/05/14 10:11 PM

as a life-liong soccer player, i have had more sprained, rolled, broken ankles then i'd care to think about...after the last round almost 2 years ago, i decided to skip my normal doctor for the ortho...and glad i did. he found an issue from a previous torn tendon (talar's dome is the medical term) that will eventually require surgery. also found how i was walking "not right" to compensate for said tear. put me through PT for 8 weeks which fixed my issues of pain, strength (or lack of), and gave me exercises i need to do periodically to prevent future recurrances (not that a cleat to the ankle wouldn't cause it again, but the last 2 were self inflicted).
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Re: weak ankles - 12/05/14 01:37 PM

Going to Columbus Running Company tomorrow to get new running shoes for my son and I. grin Get to spend the afternoon with him. I am so excited!
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Re: weak ankles - 12/05/14 02:30 PM

Have fun!!