ATM Fee - Unusual Situation

Posted By: SunnyFL, CRCM

ATM Fee - Unusual Situation - 05/24/16 05:24 PM

We had a customer access her account at a casino in the wee hours of the night. And it just happened to be at the same time our core processor goes down for weekly maintenance. She made several withdrawals which overdrew the account. The system did not charge her OD fees, however, it did charge her an ATM fee and a foreign transaction fee for each. Should we refund both our fees and the foreign ATM fees? (She brought her account current the next day!) Thanks all!
Posted By: Inspector

Re: ATM Fee - Unusual Situation - 05/24/16 06:05 PM

Sunny - I am a little confused by your question. Would the ATM fees and foreign transaction fees have occurred if the maintenance situation had not taken place? If so, I am not sure why you would refund those fees?
Posted By: SunnyFL, CRCM

Re: ATM Fee - Unusual Situation - 05/24/16 07:16 PM

Sorry, no it would not have allowed the ATM transaction to go through if there was not enough money in the account.
Posted By: TomS

Re: ATM Fee - Unusual Situation - 05/24/16 08:13 PM

The way I see it, the system malfunction is irrelevant as far as the ATM fees are concerned. She intended to make the withdrawals and did make the withdrawals, therefore she should be charged the standard ATM fees.