Scam and Reg. E

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Scam and Reg. E - 04/08/21 01:51 PM

Customer went online to change her address with postal service, was directed to a false/fake site. She thought the charge incurred would be for $1.05, but instead a charge for $1.05 and a separate charge for $59.95 posted to her account, and her address was never changed. So initial charge was "authorize" but for $1.05, instead of the $59.95. The second charge of $59.95, would be considered unauthorized, correct? Since this originally stemmed from a scam, we did not provide provisional credit; but after looking at the series of events, I think we should have. Thoughts?
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Re: Scam and Reg. E - 04/08/21 05:00 PM

Did she give you the website? Those websites are usually pretty clear on the additional charges.
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Re: Scam and Reg. E - 04/08/21 05:04 PM

If it was truly a scam, the initial 1.05 was authorized. The 59.95 was not and would have needed provisional credit. But, as Randy said - if the website includes the additional fee - then the 59.95 was also authorized.
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Re: Scam and Reg. E - 04/09/21 03:17 PM

Thank you both for the responses, it is appreciated!