Affiliate Marketing Question

Posted By: upstateNY

Affiliate Marketing Question - 02/26/08 04:54 PM

I just need a little comfort level. Bank A has a list of established customers that affiliate B would like to market its products to. None of these customers are customers of affiliate B.
Can we avoid the opt-out requirements by introducing affiliate B, its contact and product information, in a solicitation made on Bank A's letterhead and from Bank A?
Posted By: GuitarDude

Re: Affiliate Marketing Question - 02/27/08 12:22 AM

I think you would be OK having Bank A soliciting its own customers. You probably want to make it clear that the products being marketed are not being offered by Bank A.
Posted By: upstateNY

Re: Affiliate Marketing Question - 03/26/08 06:44 PM

The rule allows us the exception to opt-out through Bank A introducing Affiliate B in a letter, per above. However, it does not go on to clarify whether or not this opens the door for Affiliate B to go ahead and solicit the customer.

Can Affiliate B then contact the customer? Any thoughts?
Posted By: corkygirl

Re: Affiliate Marketing Question - 03/26/08 09:12 PM

I dont' think that Affiliate B can then contact the customer. I think it's up to the customer that might be interested in what Affiliate B is offering to contact Affiliate B. JMO