E-Oscar Problems

Posted By: Banker Chick

E-Oscar Problems - 03/25/08 08:11 PM

Have you experienced problems with E-OSCAR since the last update in January? They have been unresponsive to questions and just wondering if you may have any ideas. Are you aware of any alternatives to E-Oscar?

Here is a summary of the issue: We are receiving many e-mails regarding Notifications. We have logged into the system and checked for disputes, etc. Each time the screen prompt comes up the notification shows no pending items. We also check the Queue and get a message that reads "The selected queue does not contain any ACDVs."

If you scroll the home screen all the way up, you can see that there are multiple items pending (at the very bottom of the page). When we click on the "view" button, the message says that there are no pending items.

Any ideas?
Posted By: complyorelse

Re: E-Oscar Problems - 03/25/08 08:29 PM

We had this exact same problem but finally figured it out. Once you make a change as required in the ACDV, a DR Notification is generated. There is no repsonse required...it is really just informational to you. I think (it was a few weeks ago) I went into Notifications and then into DR and entered the Control number of the items we had updated which I had printed out for our files. There may be an easier way to clear it but this at least worked. Again, there is no response required for the DR Notifications and they will automatically purge after 30 days if you don't ready them. Hope this helps.
Posted By: theloanbug

Re: E-Oscar Problems - 03/26/08 11:52 PM

I noticed you said you printed them out for your files. Just a quick question, because this is my first time to have to use E-Oscar for a dispute. Does the examiners or external auditors want to see your files?

Thanks for your help.
Posted By: complyorelse

Re: E-Oscar Problems - 03/27/08 02:07 PM

The examiners have not asked for them but I like to have some type of documentation that we responded to the dispute. We've only ever had a few so it is not too cumbersome to keep. The new E-Oscar system apparently has the ability to store/maintain the info for you....just have to learn how!!