New Reg. V 7/1

Posted By: CompDat

New Reg. V 7/1 - 04/06/10 08:13 PM

Effective 7/1, customers can dispute directly with your FI over certain CR items. How are banks being notified by their customers? It says you must provide an address, but where do you provide that? Do you submit it to the bureau and they list it as a method to contact?
Posted By: ahou

Re: New Reg. V 7/1 - 04/06/10 09:54 PM

The bank has the option to specify an address on a consumer rept or by other written or electronic notice to the consumer. If no address is provided, any address of the bank can be used by the consumer.
Posted By: CompDat

Re: New Reg. V 7/1 - 04/07/10 12:47 PM

I agree, this is right in 222.43, however, how is that communicated to the customer? Is this address sent to the credit reporting bureau?