Direct Dispute Response

Posted By: RR Sarah

Direct Dispute Response - 06/18/14 07:38 PM

We have received a direct dispute from a customer. He says he is a victim of identity theft and wants us to modify the information we have reported to the credit bureaus. This is a vehicle repo and we recovered amounts owed to us via the sale of the vehicle so I believe the loan is reporting as a zero balance but with late payment history. At any rate, I can go back in the history of the loan and see where he paid by personal check (when he did pay). Can I send a letter back to him asking him to prove that those weren't his checks? We are no longer reporting info on this loan as it was closed in 2011 but it is still out there.
Posted By: river girl

Re: Direct Dispute Response - 07/17/14 03:00 PM

When we have someone claim "identity theft" we require them to provide either the police report or fill out the FTC ID Theft Affidavit.

That usually stops them unless it is truly ID theft.
Posted By: RR Sarah

Re: Direct Dispute Response - 07/18/14 09:10 PM

I pulled his file and he has been filing frivolous disputes for years. The current dispute was a form letter. In my reply letter I told him that in order for us to answer his dispute we would need a theft affidavit or a police report. I don't anticipate we will hear back from him.
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Re: Direct Dispute Response - 07/23/14 03:29 PM

Since you mentioned frivolous disputes, we are getting hammered with these, does anyone have an effective way to handle these and eliminate the constant repetitive disputes.
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Re: Direct Dispute Response - 05/29/19 12:55 PM

We received a dispute through e-Oscar from someone claiming they were a victim of identity fraud and that the loan account was fraudulently opened. The loan paid off four years ago. It was a CD secured loan - the CDs were opened a year or so before obtaining the loan. The former customer provided an FTC ID Theft Report dating back to around the time the loan was obtained with the dispute along with a copy of their identification and utility bill. There was also a very poorly written letter that is clearly from a credit repair company. We have only been asked to confirm the identification. Do we have any other responsibility? Our procedure doesn't really delve into a scenario for a paid off loan that someone disputes through e-Oscar.
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Re: Direct Dispute Response - 05/30/19 04:16 PM

Any thoughts on this? I need to respond to the dispute and am at a loss. Thank you.