Flood insurance question

Posted By: Bec

Flood insurance question - 08/26/10 04:11 PM

I have a loan officer who has a customer that has flood insurance in place. I recently conducted a flood audit (just started in compliance) and noticed that the policy for this customer does not have the correct flood zone listed. I also noticed that this, along with an incorrect address has been in dispute since FEBRUARY of this year. I have now been on the loan officer's case pretty much since I have found out about it and get the run around that he is not hearing back from the agent. I am wondering if I should start the 45 day process in that though the customers have insurance, it is not the correct insurance? Should I also go and kick the Loan Officer in the you know what, just so that I can have some catharsis?
Posted By: Bec

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You are looking for this:


Start the 45-day process.