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Online payments - 11/06/14 09:16 PM

Can we charge a fee for allowing payments to loans to be made online?

I know we will need to check with Visa/MC in regards to allowing a credit card to be used, but if we were to just have the customer enter their bank account information and initiate an ACH- are we allowed to charge a convenience fee for this?

I will check state law, but I am looking for any Reg Z or RESPA restrictions on this. If there is a rule around it, could you provide a citation?
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Re: Online payments - 11/07/14 05:18 PM

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Re: Online payments - 11/07/14 07:00 PM

If you disclose the fee prior to authorization, sure... why not?

I don't have a copy of the Visa/MC Agreements, but seem to recall that paying a loan via credit card is prohibited unless it is by a cash advance.