Night Drop Regs?

Posted By: Anonymous

Night Drop Regs? - 06/11/15 04:32 PM

Quick question-

Are there any regulations around notification of closing a night drop at a branch?

Additional info-
Branch will remain open. ATM accepts deposits. Of course we will notify the 3 customers who regularly use it.

Am I missing anything?
Posted By: BrianC

Re: Night Drop Regs? - 06/11/15 07:35 PM

If you reference your night drop service locations in your CRA public file this will need to be updated.
Posted By: BetsyS

Re: Night Drop Regs? - 06/12/15 12:55 AM

I would also suggest reviewing any relavant agreements. Back in the day we used to have seperate Night Deposit user agreements, but most of it has been incorporated into our main Account Agreement. We still have customers sign if we're issuing lock bags or keys.