EOscar Block notices

Posted By: Ninky

EOscar Block notices - 03/01/16 06:59 PM

What are we supposed to do with "Block Notices" received from the credit bureau through EOscar?
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Re: EOscar Block notices - 03/02/16 11:05 PM

review them - I don't think there is anything else you need to do - I print them and keep then in my consumer complaint file - I've seen these when I've had an actual consumer complaint - also if it's something I am unsure about I may follow up with the customer that it involved - I had one instance where the contact information didn't match ours - but the customer didn't have a loan with us that we were reporting - so I followed up with the customer so they were aware - I was concerned about possible identity theft.
Posted By: Ninky

Re: EOscar Block notices - 03/10/16 10:32 PM

E-OSCAR notifications state that when a company receives the Block Notification, it should take the appropriate steps to ensure that the blocked item is not re-reported to a consumer Reporting Agency (FCRA Section 623.(a)(6)(A). After researching the legitimacy of the identity of the loan customer, are banks required to block the reporting of that item by no longer reporting on their monthly transmission to the Cr Bureau? Even if they have confirmed that there is no identity theft on the transaction? And if it comes from one specific Cr Bureau and your report goes to all three, is that acceptable?