Fraud and recourse

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Fraud and recourse - 09/11/06 03:42 PM

A customer wires money to another institution. After wire has been complete, the customer informs us that the transaction was fraudulent. He contacts the other bank to see if his money is still there and they inform him it's been sent overseas. Is there any recourse provisions for wiretransfers when possible fraud is involved? What should we or can we do for our customer?
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Re: Fraud and recourse - 09/12/06 02:04 AM

Since wires are final basically at the time they are sent, there is really no recourse. Since it went overseas, your chances of assisting the customer is virtually nil. He needs to contact an attorney for advice, but even then there is little - or more likely - no hope. His claim is now against the receiver of the funds.
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Re: Fraud and recourse - 09/13/06 08:48 PM

We have had this happen recently with customers involved in the new Ebay scams and there is no recourse other than notifying law enforcement.