HMDA -GMI info is incorrect

Posted By: txgal, CRCM

HMDA -GMI info is incorrect - 05/04/11 07:14 PM

I am performing a HMDA compliance review and in looking at a loan appliation that in HMDA reportable, I noticed that the applicant marked "female" as their gender. We keep copies of driver's licenses and I can clearly tell they are "male". Can I change the application to indicate the correct gender status? Or should we just report it as documented on the application?
Posted By: RR Becca

Re: HMDA -GMI info is incorrect - 05/04/11 07:18 PM

If the borrower marked it themselves, keep it as-is. Your job is to make sure your LAR matches the documents, not to make sure the borrower marks it correctly. (No snark - I've run into the problem several times. Even had one applicant who marked ALL the race choices just to be difficult. smile )
Posted By: raitchjay

Re: HMDA -GMI info is incorrect - 05/04/11 07:19 PM

As much as i think you ought to be able to correct it, i don't see any support for that in the GIR. I think the consensus is to simply report what the applicants checked on the application.
Posted By: txgal, CRCM

Re: HMDA -GMI info is incorrect - 05/04/11 07:46 PM

Thank you for your quick responses!