Posted By: Bullseye

HMDA Data - 04/12/12 04:18 PM

I was asked this and didn't know the answer so thought I would throw it out there. With the CFPB taking over responsibility for Reg C, will data be reported to them next year?
Posted By: TMatt87

Re: HMDA Data - 04/12/12 04:22 PM

I believe you will still send it to your primary regulator.
Posted By: SMQ, CRCM

Re: HMDA Data - 04/12/12 06:49 PM

We send the HMDA LAR to the FRB.

Good question though, hope they have answers by end of year. I vote for leaving it at Fed, they finally got it all worked out with emails, confirmations, etc and they have the systems to analyze the data. That said, maybe someone else could find a way to get the data back to us before Sept or Oct!