Lien Status

Posted By: Dodge

Lien Status - 06/02/12 05:06 PM

We recently did another loan for a customer to conslidate debt. The new loan is secured by the customer mobile home (primary dwelling) and the land the mobile home sits on. We filed a new mortgage for this loan.

We do have loan that is secured by the same collateral that has been on books since the gentleman purchased the home. 1st mortgage.

On the lien status for HMDA would this be a 1st or subordinate? The only lien holder on the mobile home title is us, but we have two mortgages on the property.
Posted By: Kathleen O. Blanchard

Re: Lien Status - 06/02/12 05:21 PM

This is a second lien, behind your own bank's 1st lien.