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HMDA MSAs - 07/13/21 03:10 PM

I'm trying locate the MSAs within some specific counties and I was wondering what sources are other users using? I checked the main HMDA page but I couldn't locate a list to the current MSAs?
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Re: HMDA MSAs - 07/13/21 03:22 PM
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Re: HMDA MSAs - 07/13/21 03:48 PM

Randy - Perhaps I'm mistaken but that appears to be a map. I'm looking for the individual MSAs for some counties.
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Re: HMDA MSAs - 07/13/21 04:13 PM

A MSA is going to made up of whole counties. That map will give you the name of the MSA.

Or try this:

I guess I might not be sure what you are looking for?
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Re: HMDA MSAs - 07/13/21 04:16 PM

Yes, thank you Randy!
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Re: HMDA MSAs - 07/13/21 06:50 PM

Just because this is in the HMDA forum I feel obligated to point out that MSA is not a reportable field for HMDA (Still is for CRA Small Business/Small Fram for some reason). Just State, County, and Census Tract codes for HMDA.
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Re: HMDA MSAs - 07/14/21 09:25 PM

MSAs, MDs, CSAs, and micropolitan statistical areas are defined by the Office of Management and Budget. The most recent definitions are at OMB Bulletin 20.01 There is sometimes a lag, however, between the OMB updating definitions and the FFIEC adopting them. The FFIEC does not typically use the micropolitan areas.