HMDA - AirBNB and Oil Field extended stays - house

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HMDA - AirBNB and Oil Field extended stays - house - 08/26/21 08:18 PM

We currently have a loan to a Borrower who has several houses near oil fields here in Texas that wants to use them as extended stays for the workers in the fields. Occupants will be staying at the homes days, weeks, or even months at a time. There won't be a formal lease as with a rental property. I know there was a conversation concerning AirBNB's a long time ago, but there didn't appear to be any clear consensus as to whether they would be considered HMDA reportable or not (transitory). I imagine these extended stay arrangements would fall into the same category. Note they don't appear to be homes in a neighborhood with individual driveways. They seem be adjacent and share a larger parking lot like some coastal AirBNB/condo setups.

Thank you everyone for your incite...