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Reg E & Visa - 11/14/07 06:31 PM


Can someone tell me what they are or where to find the VISA guidelines for debit card disputes?

We use VISA and have a customer who was receiving unauthorized Sprint online charges since May of this year. They are telling this they don't even have a computer. They had called Sprint back in June, but were getting no where so they brought their statement in to us.

We decided to report all 103 transactions. Primarily to see if there was any recourse due to Sprint being the merchant. We are now receiving the ones that are older than 120 days back as too old per VISA guidelines. I was surprised at that and thought the 60 days applied.

Also, with VISA having $0 liability on these transactions are we still within Reg-E compliance to only go back on any transactions within the past 60 days to re-credit our customer?
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see if offers any help

I also wonder whether the customer shouldn't file a complaint with his/her state's Public Utility Commission -
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Thank you for the link. More exciting reading to be done......
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