ACH Annual Workbook

Posted By: osoalone

ACH Annual Workbook - 06/23/09 04:47 PM

In the past I've always ordered an ACH Audit Workbook every year due to the changes for that year. The board has decided we need to look at expenses closer and I'm running into management not willing to purchase the new workbook. What doesn everyone else do? Do you use the same workbook ea. year and hope you're including any changes that might have occured?
Posted By: Skyline

Re: ACH Annual Workbook - 06/23/09 05:06 PM

If you do decide to use your existing workbook, be sure to include IAT, International ACH Transactions, which goes into effect 9/19/09. IMHO I would order a new workbook each year.
Posted By: A_G

Re: ACH Annual Workbook - 06/23/09 05:55 PM

I just looked and for $55 non-member/$33 member, I would hardly call the book a large expense. Seems management may be a little unreasonable here. JMO.
Posted By: AuditorK

Re: ACH Annual Workbook - 06/24/09 12:33 PM

I used to order the workbook, but now I just use the audit requirements in the ACH rules. The workbook is just a rehash of what's in the rule book.
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Re: ACH Annual Workbook - 06/26/09 08:22 PM

I am conducting an ACH audit at the moment. I agree that the workbook is not a big expense. The audit steps change a bit from year-to-year and I feel good that it limits the risk that I might miss something.
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Re: ACH Annual Workbook - 07/03/09 05:34 PM

Received this yesterday....

Visit under Publications to order online
ACH Audit Workbooks will be available to ship by July 31, 2009.
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Re: ACH Annual Workbook - 07/20/09 05:31 PM

We order an audit workbook and an ACH Rules book every year and pass the cost on to the client. The audit workbook is pretty cheap...I agree that your company seems to be a little unreasonable if they are worried about $55. If you are an external auditor, I would suggest passing the cost onto the client. If you are internal, I guess that ends up being a cost/benefit decision. What risk of noncompliance and potential cost are they willing to accept for the benefit of $55?