Instant Issue Card Stock Audit

Posted By: davidm

Instant Issue Card Stock Audit - 05/27/10 09:09 PM

Visa's procedures for an institution issuing debit cards when the customer is present calls for a monthly audit to be performed of the card stock. The card stock that is on hand is blank. There are no numbers or any information contained on the magnetic stripe until the card is processed through the embossing machine. What is the point of auditing blank cards? If one is taken, it is of no use. What am I overlooking?
Posted By: river girl

Re: Instant Issue Card Stock Audit - 05/28/10 07:12 PM

I am not sure if this meets Visas requirements for card stock audit but we do have each branch count their blank stock monthly and certify to us the count. We also have them certify that the machines are emptied each night and that the foiling in the machine is removed and locked in the vault each night.
I think the foiling - which contains all the numbers and expiration and names of the cards you have issued - is the greatest risk.
Hope that helps.
Posted By: Kathleen O. Blanchard

Re: Instant Issue Card Stock Audit - 05/28/10 07:47 PM

Blank card stock of the proper color and quality can be used to make fraudulent cards, or copy legitimate cards, by criminals with the equipment.
Posted By: davidm

Re: Instant Issue Card Stock Audit - 05/28/10 09:40 PM

Now that you point it out, it was pretty obvious that blank cards could be sold on the black market. Guess we had better ensure that they get audited monthly. Thanks for the help.