Audit Surveys

Posted By: comp123

Audit Surveys - 09/20/10 05:34 PM

I have been out of audit for awhile and discovered that many banks use audit surveys. Is this normally done after each audit or just annually? Anyone have a survey they would like to share? Thanks!
Posted By: Black & Gold

Re: Audit Surveys - 09/21/10 07:16 PM

I send out a 10 question satisfaction survey to the auditees when issuing the final report. There's a section for comments and I track the responses and will follow up if there is any responses or ratings that are concerning to me. I report average score annually to the Audit Committee and Board. Send me a PM and I'll share with you what I use.
Posted By: A_G

Re: Audit Surveys - 09/22/10 12:32 PM

Do you tend to notice a correlation between the audit rating and the responses in the survey? Or are people generally honest in the survey?
Posted By: Black & Gold

Re: Audit Surveys - 11/16/10 07:28 PM

We don't rate our reports, but I believe when people do respond, they are honest, regardless of the findings and severity.