Loan Review Policy

Posted By: comp123

Loan Review Policy - 12/07/10 04:49 PM

Could anyone point me to where I could find a sample loan review policy? Thought I would check to see if any examples exist before I start creating one myself. As always, thanks for your help! smile
Posted By: Auditjg

Re: Loan Review Policy - 12/07/10 08:34 PM

Go to the Loan Review Systems attachment of the 2006 Policy Stmt for the ALLL. That is where we created our policy from. It basically tells you what a loan review system needs to have. See the link below.
Go to page 16.
Posted By: CEK

Re: Loan Review Policy - 01/06/11 01:28 PM

I wrote an article on this very subject. Check it out! ck