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Audit Schooling - 01/18/11 06:43 PM

I am fairly new to the whole banking industry being I just started as the internal auditor of a Credit Union at the end of August coming from a retail auditing background. Could someone please recommend a good audit school that will get everything going in the right direction for me? I have had an external auditor, that was previously being contracted to do the audits for us, working with me to get down the basics of reviewing materials but now it is time to really get some training. Any help would be greatly appreciated and the sooner I can find it the better. I have been asked to go to compliance school, but it would be great to get some auditing school prior.
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Re: Audit Schooling - 01/18/11 06:57 PM

ICBA's Audit Training is the best in my opinion. It is a two week course but the two weeks can be broken up. If you want to get certified there are tests but if not then the classes are great just for the knowledge you gain. I had an ICBA certification for 17 years and the examiners loved it. And there is current issues class every year to keep you up to date.
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Re: Audit Schooling - 01/18/11 07:00 PM
This is Institute of Internal Auditing. Check it out.
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Re: Audit Schooling - 01/18/11 08:29 PM

CUNA has a week long school that would be helpful for you.
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Re: Audit Schooling - 01/18/11 08:59 PM

What school does CUNA have it listed as? I am only seeing their Compliance school.
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Re: Audit Schooling - 01/31/11 05:31 PM

For credit union auditors, there is also the Association of Credit Union Internal Auditors. ( There is an annual conference that has a lot of learning opportunities, along with networking. I'm also in SC and am the Internal Auditor for a credit union. Let me know if you need help, I've been auditing financial institutions for 18 years, the last 5 in a C.U.