Internal Audit Policy

Posted By: YaYa

Internal Audit Policy - 03/03/11 02:01 PM

Would anyone be willing to share a copy of their Internal Audit Policy? I have one but I need to conduct a comparison quick. Mine contains a few things that are being questioned by management.

Or does anyone know where I can obtain a sample policy?

Thanks so much!
Posted By: Black & Gold

Re: Internal Audit Policy - 03/08/11 07:49 PM

Google "Internal Audit Policy" or "Internal Audit Policy Expamples" or some other variations - you'll find examples galore. Universities and colleges post their policies online. Also be sure to compare your Policy to the IIA Standards to make sure you're aligned with the Standards.
Posted By: COMPLIcated

Re: Internal Audit Policy - 03/11/11 08:10 PM

Ours is primarily based off of our state's banking code requirements for internal controls.
Posted By: CEK

Re: Internal Audit Policy - 03/30/11 11:57 AM

Hey Ya Ya, check out this url:

It is an examiners training site hosted by the FRB St. Louis. It covers: Internal and External Auditing - Key Concepts, Red Flags and Resources such as the IIA.

It should give you the basis for checking your policy against what the regulators will be looking for when the kiddy bus pulls up to your institution.