Internal Audit Procedures & ICQs

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Internal Audit Procedures & ICQs - 04/28/15 08:51 PM

We're searching for internal control questionnaires for Capital Accounts and also for Credit Review. We have procedures but they are older and we are looking to update them. We subscribe to LexisNexis eBooks but have found them to be completely unhelpful 75% of the time. Can anyone share what they use for ICQs and procedures OR where a good directory for audit procedures/ICQs can be found?
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Re: Internal Audit Procedures & ICQs - 04/29/15 12:13 PM

I use Thompson Reuters (formerly W G & L) Bank Internal Audit Manual. It has audit programs and ICQs for most operational and compliance audit areas. It is usually updated 2 - 3 times per year so, although they may lag a little behind, they do keep it pretty well up to date.
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Re: Internal Audit Procedures & ICQs - 04/29/15 12:48 PM

I think you should be careful bashing a particular vendor on this public forum.
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Re: Internal Audit Procedures & ICQs - 04/29/15 12:56 PM

My intentions were not to bash the vendor. The vendor we previously used was purchased by them and since then we don't have access to what we use to. It is helpful for other areas but in regards to audit procedures and ICQs - it has been lacking or very difficult to find. I apologize if you were offended.