Part 363 FDICIA Letters

Posted By: beegee

Part 363 FDICIA Letters - 02/14/17 04:37 PM

We are a National Bank and has crossed the $500 million mark.

I have the letters to file but am unclear who all to send to.

Can anyone advise?
Posted By: Cornfed Turtle

Re: Part 363 FDICIA Letters - 02/14/17 06:24 PM

".....the FDIC, the appropriate Federal Banking agency, and any appropriate State bank supervisor ....." 363.4

We're a state-chartered, FRB member, so for's State, FRB and the FDIC. Just as an aside, our state wants paper and requires 2 copies. I'm assuming you will send to the OCC, but don't know what their requirements are.

Some help? Maybe not? smile
Posted By: osucpa

Re: Part 363 FDICIA Letters - 02/14/17 06:37 PM

I would recommend you pick up the phone and call your EIC. I bet they could point you in the right direction.