Employee Training Audit

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Employee Training Audit - 11/30/18 08:38 PM

I understand this will be different for each institution, but I was wondering if anyone had any general ideas on what to look for in an employee training audit? I've come up with these:

1. Get a list of mandatory annual training, and verification that each employee has completed them.
2. Input from employees on what areas they feel they need/want more training in and investigate current training based on their input.
3. A simple quiz for tellers on daily procedures.

That's all I got! HELP PLEASE smile thank you
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Re: Employee Training Audit - 11/30/18 09:01 PM

I think you answered your own question with item 1.

I'm not particularly concerned with what the employees think about their training, so long as management and the administrator feel the material is relevant to their position. What employee is going to say they think their training is good?

Do you have a platform that administers training or is this done in person (bank-produced material)? What's the scope of the audience? Are we talking bank-wide or simply branch staff?

My answer assumes a platform and bank-wide training.
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Re: Employee Training Audit - 11/30/18 09:25 PM

Thank you for the response.

I feel that there is not a set track of training for new employees, they are just taught things as they pop up, which I see as a problem, but also understand that everything cannot be taught at once, or it takes a visual to learn. I was thinking of doing an anonymous feedback from the employees, that way each individual is not punished or criticized for their opinions on the training they do or do not receive.

Basically the training includes online courses sometime within the year, then the actual daily training is done with a superior for the employees' first few days (maybe a week), then they are on their own. If something comes along that they do not know, they ask their supervisor or a fellow coworker. This is a problem if no one is available to offer help, and also makes the bank look bad. The procedure manual is also available.

We are a one-stop shop, no other branches.

I hope that answers all of the questions!
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Re: Employee Training Audit - 11/30/18 09:45 PM

Your training program should be tailored to your institution (size, market, business lines, etc.). If you are a one-branch institution, I would surmise that you are not a HMDA reporter, and that you probably do limited RE loans. Your training needs are going to be far less than that of a $1B bank. If you don't have a platform (online training where content is provided by third party) then you are going to have less resources available.

Start by determining who needs what training. Tellers, Lenders, Directors, etc. Build a curriculum list for them based on job function and set a year-end deadline for all training to be completed. The training should include records, grades, and definitely a test. There are plenty of online platforms that offer affordable training (although I won't list them on these fora).

In terms of policy/procedure, you could do the same thing and have them complete exams over the policy/procedure content. That might be a stretch, but if you think it's necessary, go for it.

Be sure you are cognizant of the amount of training you are dishing out and remember that time is valuable. Training should be given as necessary and not applied as a blanket.
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Re: Employee Training Audit - 11/30/18 10:31 PM

Thank you for your input, I will keep all of this in mind and get started! smile
Posted By: Adam Witmer

Re: Employee Training Audit - 12/01/18 02:20 PM

Since you are conducting the audit, I would approach it the way an examiner (or outside auditor) would. Here are some things to consider:

1) What training is required by policy or regulation and was it appropriately assigned to applicable employees? (e.g. SAFE Act & BSA training have reg requirements to conduct the training at the time of orientation).
2) What training was assigned and did all assigned employees complete the training? To do this, you will compare an employee list with a list of completed training.
3) Does the orientation process include appropriate training? Review training records from new employees.
4) Does training include a test (especially important for online training) or a training log (for in-person training)?
5) Is the content of training appropriate for applicable positions?
6) Does the training appear to be effective as quantified by audit results in other areas of the bank? (For example, if there are significant violations related to CTRs and check holds, this could be indicative of insufficient training for tellers.)

Also, just a thought - since you are a small institution, this audit shouldn't take long at all. If you were a larger organization, with say, 500 employees, this would take much longer. Auditors and examiners will dig deep into training audits when deficiencies are found in other areas of the organization. If there aren't major issues elsewhere, however, a risk-based approach should determine that training is working as it should be and, therefore, an audit of training should be scoped appropriately.
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Re: Employee Training Audit - 12/03/18 04:30 PM

Thank you so much for the helpful response! I feel this audit should go smoothly, as long as I am looking at all the appropriate areas. You've given me a good start, thanks!