ACH Audit

Posted By: Amy S

ACH Audit - 06/22/21 03:18 PM

Does anyone have a form they use for ACH self audit? We are looking for a form to submit for audits/exams. Thank you!
Posted By: rlcarey

Re: ACH Audit - 06/22/21 03:26 PM
Posted By: Amy S

Re: ACH Audit - 06/22/21 03:33 PM

Posted By: Amy S

Re: ACH Audit - 06/22/21 07:04 PM

Has anyone used the Nacha ACH Audit Workbook for an annual audit? What has been your experience with exams?
Posted By: osucpa

Re: ACH Audit - 06/23/21 11:54 AM

Every year, we purchase from our vendor. This audit is becoming more detailed all the time so. The vendor's audit program helps walking through the audit steps.
Posted By: MTW75

Re: ACH Audit - 06/23/21 01:11 PM

All of the RPA (Regional Payment Associations) sell ACH self-audit workbooks. The RPAs also conduct ACH audits in accordance with the Nacha Rules.