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Posted By: Lu

Reg B - 06/07/02 01:58 PM

Does anyone have a Reg B Compliance Audit program that they are willing to share?
Posted By: Maria

Re: Reg B - 06/07/02 02:35 PM

I try to use our agencies worksheets when possible, but sometimes I find them overwhelming. I do have the OCC agency worksheet for this reg on my computer. I will send it to be posted. I also bought a manual from Alex information "Regulatory Compliance Audit Program" that brings the audits to my level of understanding. It was a good investment for me.

Hope this helps you.

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Re: Reg B - 06/07/02 02:49 PM


Many thanks. Someone must have been reading my mind. Regulation B examinations are the most thankless job I have. Where will the workpapers be posted?
Posted By: vaca

Re: Reg B - 06/07/02 04:28 PM

We also purchased Alex Information's "Regulatory Compliance Audit Program". It is a very good investment. It has extensive compliance audit programs and as Maria said is written is English. Alex eSolutions, Inc., 7000 West William Cannon Drive, Building West Wo, Suite 2230, Austin, TX 78735. 1-800-945-6597. We just completed our Reg B audit using their audit program.
Posted By: Maria

Re: Reg B - 06/07/02 04:49 PM

Mary Beth will post it on Bankersonline, but I am not sure what section. She will let us know.

Opinions and requests are mine not my employer
Posted By: Jodi

Re: Reg B - 06/07/02 05:02 PM

If I basically 1)check adverse action notices for the correct info, 2) check and make sure the correct application was used, 3)make sure the monitoring info was collected, would that pretty much cover the Reg B compliance audit or is more required? Did you sort through the Alex Info Compliance Audit Program and pick out the checklist that applied to ECOA and Reg B? Feeling a little lost, can you tell?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Reg B - 06/07/02 05:28 PM

You can find the Reg B Compliance Worksheet in the Compliance part of Banker Tools.
Posted By: Maria

Re: Reg B - 06/07/02 08:26 PM

No, I did not have to. The manual I spoke of has the worksheets separated by regulation and it identifies how to audit for it.

But the other worksheet I spoke of is posted now.