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Posted By: catroy

IT Audit Resources - 06/07/02 10:48 PM

I need recommendations for an IT Audit Company for a fast growing community bank in La Jolla, California (FDIC Regulated.) We have 1-1/2 people devoted to IT and are not looking for new equipment or to purchase new monitoring software. Our desire is to have a long-term relationship with a company that will help to identify any areas of weakness and suggest ideas to increase effeciency.
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Re: IT Audit Resources - 06/10/02 02:32 PM

We use GFM Consulting, Inc. The gentlemen's names are Gordon F. Morris, CBA, CISA and Ray. O. Powell, Jr., CBA, CIA, CISA, CFE. They deal in audit, security, & information technology consulting. Their telephone number is (205) 985-5258. I am not sure how far they travel.

I know from other posts that I have read before that there are also a few other people that help us on here that also do consulting work. One gentleman was actually one of the prior examiners that helped write the GLBA. He responded to a post I did before.

I hope this helps you.

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Re: IT Audit Resources - 06/10/02 03:07 PM

Mr. Morris and Mr. Powell do seminars for BAI (Bank Administration Institute)which I have used extensively over the years. Years ago BAI offered an IT Audit program, but I can't find it listed in their catalogs or website any more.
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Re: IT Audit Resources - 06/10/02 11:00 PM

There is a CPA in Dallas named Wayne Barnett who has contributed policies and articles to BOL. I've spoken with him twice, checked his references, and recently received a proposal for doing an IT audit. He's a little more expensive than the other companies I contacted, but he does a good job of explaining complex technical issues. The board will review his proposal at its next meeting. His web sit is